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Russian holidays in February and March 2018

Dear customers!

Due to the public holidays in Russia on the 23rd of February, as well as on the 8th and 9th of March 2018 The Russian Consular Office will be closed.

Our visa application center will be open on those days, but the processing time of the applications will be increased.

Please contact our center if you have any questions regarding the dates.

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Working schedule of the Russian Visa Application Center during the winter holidays 2017-2018

We would like to inform you that the Russian Visa Application Center will be closed for the winter holidays on the following dates: 25.12.2017 - 28.12.2017 and  01.01.2018 – 05.01.2018.

We are open on 29.12.2017 only until 12:00 for collection of the passports with issued visas.

  Mon  Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Wed
December 25 26 27 28   29  30 31
January 1 2 3 4 5 6 7







The Consular Section of the Russian Embassy in Denmark is open at its regular working hours until December 29th and is closed for the winter holidays from 01.01.2018 until 08.01.2018

Due to the upcoming holidays in the December-January submission of the documents and collection of the passport with visas will be made according to this chart:

Documents submission date Collection date for urgent visas Collection date for tourist visas Collection date for regular visas
13.12.17 18.12.17  20.12.17 29.12.17 
14.12.17 19.12.17 21.12.17 29.12.17
15.12.17 20.12.17 22.12.17 29.12.17
18.12.17 21.12.17 29.12.17 29.12.17
19.12.17 22.12.17 29.12.17 29.12.17
20.12.17 29.12.17 29.12.17 13.01.17
21.12.17 29.12.17 29.12.17 09.01.18
22.12.17 29.12.17 29.12.17 10.01.18


Russian Visa Application Center Russiskevisumcenter

Cort Adelers Gade 12, 1053 Copenhagen, Tel +45 88 61 41 41,

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An electronic visa through the free port of Vladivostok.

From August 8, 2017, citizens of Algeria, Bahrain, Brunei, India, Iran, Qatar, China, The Democratic People's Republic of Korea, Kuwait, Morocco, Mexico, the United Arab Emirates, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Tunisia, Turkey and Japancan receive an electronic visa to enter the Russian Federation through border checkpoints located on the territory of the free port of Vladivostok.

More information on the website

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Mobile Biometrics service

We are pleased to announce a simplification of the application process for a visa to Russian Federation and opportunity to use Mobile Biometrics service. From June 9, 2017, applicants applying for a Russian visa will be able to have their biometric data recorded in Aarhus.
To find out more about the procedure for the Mobile Biometrics service, you can follow this link or send an e-mail to


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On the change of the necessary documents (grounds) to issue a tourist visa.

We inform you, that with the entry into force of the Federal Law of 31.12.2014 N 522-ФЗ \"On Amendments to the Federal Law \"On the procedure for exit from the Russian Federation and entry into the Russian Federation\" the requirement to provide a contract for the provision of tourist services (Tourist voucher) is cancelled.
In this regard, starting on January 23, 2015, when submitting documents to the visa center for a tourist visa, it is sufficient if the applicant only provides the Confirmation of acceptance of a tourist by an organization, the details of which are included into the Federal Register of Tour Ooperators of Russia.


Best regards,


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Providing a complete set of fingerprints from the 10th of December, 2014

Dear visitors,

Pursuant to the Decree No. 735 of November 21, 2014, of the President of the Russian Federation on collection of biometric personal data of foreign citizens and stateless persons, from the 10th of December,2014 all applicants, submitting documents for a visa in the Russian Visa Application Center, must provide a complete set of their fingerprints.

 The procedure of fingerprints collection is not required for persons under the age of 12, as well as for processing diplomatic visas.

In case of refusal to undergo the mentioned procedure, the documents will not be accepted.

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We draw your attention to the fact that, starting from 2014 all the documents, issued by Danish or other foreign authorities

Dear visitors!

We draw your attention to the fact that, starting from 2014 all the documents, issued by Danish or other foreign authorities (for example, marriage certificate, birth certificate, change of name certificate, death certificate) must be legalized with an Apostille-stamp. In Danmark you can get an Apostille at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


Best regards, IFS.

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