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Dear customers!

For technical reasons, at the moment, we cannot accept documents for visa.

To apply for a Russian visa, please contact the Russian Consulate, located at the address:

Kristianiagade 3, 2100 København Ø
Телефон: +45 35 38 23 70
Факс: +45 35 42 02 87

Ready passports with visas, issued earlier, you can collect in our office.


Pursuant to the Decree No. 735 of November 21, 2014, of the President of the Russian Federation on collection of biometric personal data of foreign citizens and stateless persons, from the 10th of December, 2014 all applicants, submitting documents for a visa in the Russian Visa Application Center, must provide a complete set of their fingerprints.


Welcome to the website of the Russian Visa Centre in Denmark!

The Russian Visa Application Centre has been established to improve the quality of services to citizens of Denmark and other states and to stateless persons wishing to obtain a visa for the Russian Federation.

Simplifying and speeding up the process of applying for Russian visas is a major priority for the Russian Visa Application Centre.

Visa Application Centre staff can provide advice on all issues related to applying for a Russian visa, help you fill in your visa application, receive and process the set of documents you provide and deliver it to the consular department of the Embassy of the Russian Federation.

Once a decision has been taken by the Embassy of the Russian Federation on whether to issue you a visa, you will be able to collect your passport at the Visa Application Centre.

Please note that the Visa Application Centre only provides a processing service. The decision to issue or refuse to issue a visa is taken by the Russian consulate!

Our multi-channel call center gives you access to the answers to any questions you may have.

Please note, that we do not accept documents if you are applying for visa more than 3 months before the date of the planned trip.

The Russian Visa Application Centre will provide you with support and ensure that the process of applying for a visa to the Russian Federation goes smoothly and easily.

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